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  • Pamela J. Lantz

Jude Robert

Jude Robert came on the scene at the beginning of the third book. Perfect timing to develop a new character. I knew he would be a main player in the story, one that would carry great weight. After all, this kid was named after one of the authors of the New Testament! Father Jude emerged, an Anglican Priest who plants a church in the dumps of Brazil. Second Chapter of Acts coming alive on the banks of the Amazon River!

Jude Robert is the only boy of eight littles. This state of being doesn’t matter one bit, for he is enough boy for all of us. As an infant his pillow cheeks were so grand they had their own atmosphere, commanding weather patterns to form and swirl. Sadly his cheeks have deflated as he has grown, causing him to look more like a boy than a cherub.

The transition from baby to boy has been fun to watch. If I were to sum Jude up with one word, it would have to be dichotomy. He’s two sides to many coins. Symbiotic contradiction of equal parts: Stout gazelle. Extroverted introvert. Stoically emotional. Mama Daddy’s boy. Independent lap-sitter. Giggling bawler. Engineering artist and Athletic wrecking-ball to name a few.

He’s the Dr. Dolittle of the Midwest. The goat, alpaca, dog, cat, horse, donkey and chicken whisperer of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Duke, the Shih Tzue’s, BFF. He is a man of action, takes justice and fairness seriously. He struggles with sharing but is making great strides. He is too lenient with his younger sister; an endearing trait he will most likely soon outgrow.

He is fresh out of life’s gate, preschool is just a passing fad. He is a man of vision and purpose, there is a melody in his heart and on his tongue. Worship is his food, his drink, his connection to The One. Lead us, Father Jude. I for one, will follow.


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