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  • Pamela J. Lantz

Magnolia McKinley

Magnolia McKinley. A.k.a. Maga, Mags, Nolia, Nollie, MnM, Magpie.

The Texas flower and fourth generation McKinley.

She is little number Eight, the Biblical number for new beginnings. And so she is, a new beginning for all of us. She’s the link, the bright wick. The lit flame that has melted all our DNA together. From Sister to Father and cousins to aunties and uncles, Parents to daughter-in-law. This one little baby did all that. Well done, Magpie!

Thankfully, modern technology has kept us close, as she lives so far away. I marvel at genetics, her dad so apparent in her little self, yet her sister very clearly mirrored as well. The cleft in her chin passed down from her great-grandmother to her grandmother to her dad. Amazing. Her mother and sister’s forehead and shape of the eyes.

Her personality is just beginning to form, yet like all the others, you can see her strength, tenacity and determination. Rolling is her new shtick and go-to source of entertainment, along with finding her voice and forming new sounds. She is quick to smile and Charlotte, the bulldog, guards her day and night.

She was born after all the books were completed but for some reason, I don’t think she will care her name doesn’t appear on the pages. Like the tree, she will stand out, strong and proud, fragrant and delicately beautiful all on her own.

She is a gift of the greatest magnitude. A long-held promise and prayer coming to pass. This tender one will be a friend to many. Contagious with hope and possibilities. An encourager extraordinaire. She’s got the whole world ahead of her, she’s just beginning to unfurl.

I love you, little bloom. I’m so glad you are here!


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