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  • Pamela J. Lantz

Mia Rose

Mia is the insert, place keeper, bookmark in the Lantz Grandparent story. The timing of Mia’s arrival to the family, guaranteed her a cameo in the third book, although her middle name, Rose, runs through all three.

She came with her precious mother, Crystal, four years ago. We had the good fortune of becoming friends with her and her mama, even before they met my son. She made my son a dad, first by heart then by law. We are pleased by this development. She literally became the leader of the littles pack, most

spaced about six months apart. She fits well in first, her place destined to be.

She was brave and adaptable to take on the bunch of us all at once at such a tender age. It couldn't have been easy. An only child thrown into the tumble of well-meaning-probably-to-soon-smothering-kisses and loud rambunctious cousins, aunties, uncles and Grandparents. Looking back, I think she handled it like a champ. Her parents should be very proud.

She calls my son ‘Dad’- this melts my heart. This turning of affection, one for the other, took time and patience, grace and perseverance. But, they did it and, son, in case you didn't know it- We are very very proud of you.

This child is interesting. Very unique and surprising to me. No DNA flows between us, yet I’m beginning to understand her. She is incredibly witty. The kind of wit that stops one in their tracks, causes you to shake your head and think- Did she really just say that? How can someone so young be so clever and intuitive?

Her Pa calls her his pretty Mexican princess. (This came from a conversation four years back. She told him her skin was Mexican skin and that's why it was darker than his. He told her he loved her skin, and she was as pretty as a princess.)

Mia is strong-willed, always a good thing in my opinion. Challenging, but good. Life is tough. Backbones are highly recommended. She is silly and funny, clever and self-motivated. Creative, athletic, strong and sweet.

Mia you are loved with an everlasting love. You are a bridge between generations, a pathway of reconciliation. You understand forgiveness and are a champion of the underdog. You will smash gates with your pen and unlock chains with your prayers. Chin up, Princess, you are first in line!


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