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  • Pamela J. Lantz

Saige Mercy

Of all the characters in the story, Dr. Saige is the most distant from her namesake. With one exception, there is a very real possibility that our Saige will be a professor of something or other down the line.

Dr. Saige is tall, contemplative and measured. Our Saigy is petite, opinionated and passionate. She’s like one of those energy bites: protein powder, oatmeal, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and every other kind of seed rolled up into a bite-sized ball of fire. She is the comic. The opera singer. The five year old coffee drinker. The beauty queen. The lawyer. The negotiator. The detective. The ever-so-blunt critic. (Don’t go near her with morning breath, wet hands, added extra pounds or offensive perfume. Don’t be too loud, and please never interrupt her.) She needs to be heard. She has a lot to say, and what she does say is worth listening to. This kid is wise. She is a Sage.

She flashes like lightning, and rolls like thunder. She moves like a ballerina because she is one. The stage welcomes her with open arms, with hand to chin tipping her head just so. Her deep chocolate eyes come from mama, the almond shape, her dad.

She is compassionate yet doesn't shy away from what others would deem gross or shocking. If there is a major injury, she is all in, up close and personal. Blood-no problem. Guts- cool. Broken bones- interesting. Live worms, dead worms, live ants, dead ants. ‘Where is the spider? I’ll kill it.’

She knows Jesus is real. Facts are her friends. When push comes to shove in this ever-changing world, she will be one that others can hold on to. She will not waiver. She will be grounded to the rock because she is solid as a rock. I love you Saigy. Never Change!


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