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  • Pamela J. Lantz


I’ve been invited to enter the grandparent challenge. Strange name...challenge, to me, it's been only joy. It’s true what they say about the littles, they enter your world and heart like a stick of dynamite, blowing apart every concept of how deep love can go. When I don’t see them for a length of time, my heart actually hurts. I know, kind of dramatic, but it's the truth.

I’ll answer the invitation in order of their appearance into the family, as one little came on the scene with their beautiful mother. Several of the characters in my books are named after my grandchildren, except for Selah. She is a place in the story, and the title of the second book in the Trilogy.

Selah Grace entered the world on a cold December day seven years ago. As a witness to her birth, I can testify that she came in screaming and reaching for her mother. Selah means: to rest and give pause, to think on what you are about to sing and proclaim. (My paraphrase)

In Just Let Them Love You, Selah is a garden. This perfectly explains our little “Supes” (Her Pa’s affectionate nickname, short for “Super Se”. She is more quiet than some of the others, thoughtful and measured. As she matures her conversations have turned expressive. I love to hear her retelling of an event, hand motions and inflections and always a nod of the head. She is adorable, as if stepped off a storybook written a century before.

Artistic, analytical, athletic and so very bright and pretty. Her freckles are epic and her giggle is a force that commands you to enter in. I see great things ahead for this one. Her compassionate and tender soul will take her far. There is healing in her touch. She sows good seeds and reaps a fruitful harvest. God bless you, Selah! I love you so very much!


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