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What's it about?

I wanted to pop on here and give a big thank you to everyone who has supported my recent release of the completed book series- The Trinity Promise.

I'm so thankful for all the sweet notes and enthusiasm from the patient readers of Just Let Them Love You!

I realize the gap between the first book and the the second two have had some asking the the question- What's it about?

The links below will give you a description of each book. Just Let Them Love You, Selah and Magnolia Square.

I thought it would be fun to add a review that had been left on Amazon from a verified buyer. (meaning I didn't solicit or write this review!)


Amazon review

I don’t typically enjoy Christian fiction, but this is the exception! Let me back up. In my experience, Christian books tend to be neat and tidy and have super clean endings. That’s not real life! This book is beautiful because it’s not trying to fix anyone, or neatly wrap a package with a perfect little bow. It’s real, raw, and still shows the beauty and flaws of life and relationship.

When I first started reading this book, it reminded me a lot of Under The Tuscan Sun. The author paints beautiful landscapes and this story is just so beautiful.

But then it turns into so much more. It’s the story of a girl that is blossoming into a woman during her internship in Israel. It gets a little bit heavy, and made me cry quite a bit. Not ugly cry, but that good cry where you feel it deeply.

I have THE FEELS for these characters. Every emotion they felt, I felt. There’s still a happy and very fulfilling ending though! I would want to live that cry again.


Lila, the main character is a student teacher for special needs kids. I learned so much about special needs through her, her friend who is special needs, and her students. The author should be commended for drawing attention to some tough subjects, both special needs and human trafficking. It’s heartbreaking, but also, it made me keep going, “Is this for real!?” and diving for my google search to confirm.

I never really thought about special needs being more vulnerable to human trafficking, but it makes sense now. The book doesn’t get so into the gruesome details that I can’t read it anymore. It’s just enough that my awareness of the world has changed.

My favorite character is Dr. Saige Rothberg. I just want to know her and learn from her! She has these amazing journal entries in the book that end up being an addition to my devotional for that day. She gets deep! I want my relationship with God to be like hers. She has such a personal relationship but also a very reverent one.

For me, I typically like a bit of a love story in my books. Though there is much love in this book, I wouldn’t classify this as a romance…yet! I could see it blossoming into that though since it’s supposed to be a trilogy. I get the feeling the author wants us to grow up with Lila as she learns about love. And the romance in this book is God’s love.


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