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  • Pamela J. Lantz

Yahweh Yireh- part two God sees and Provides

Since in the scriptures the Yahweh Yireh story takes place on top of a mountain, I thought it might be more interesting to look at where the story in the book takes place instead. I are not that interesting for the most part and since it feels like we are in week 12 billion of quarantine, I thought escaping someplace intriguing would be fun.

Before writing this name of God trip, I had a feeling the Lord wanted to highlight the elderly in the story. Without telling my husband, I asked for his opinion on how to approach this name of God.

"Highlight the elderly," he said. Really, true story. In talking it through, the idea of the kibbutz emerged.

The kibbutz in Just Let Them Love You consists of a charmingly eclectic family of elderly widows, rescuing many who have come across their paths. It was there that the character, Dr. Saige, is able to provide the answer to a dying woman's prayer. The kibbutz by its very nature provides, in turn, community and fellowship become the happy by-product.

The first Israeli Kibbutz (from the Hebrew word kvutza-meaning group, gathering and clustering), was established more then 90 years ago. The kibbutz way of life holds a (pre) and (post) state history in Israel and is foundational in its structure today. Largely based on agriculture systems, resulting in shared workload, income, healthcare, food, and accommodations for all participants.


Today there is an estimated 250 Kibbutzes in Israel where over 125,000 people live. Many are secular and socialistic, yet others are strictly religious. Generally democratic in nature with elected boards that oversee the sharing of responsibilities and profits. Manufacturing, farming, food and flower production, dairy, and building are just a few of the kibbutzes business enterprises.

Several Kibbutzes have formed co-ops in order to manufacture and distribute their products, making them a vital and vibrant part of Israeli function and provision.

Communal living like that of the American Shakers, is more of a thing of the past. Now, many of the Nation's Kibbutzes have opted for a more family centered way of life. Each family unit living together, sharing in tending to the widows, elderly, and for those with special needs. Strong family bonds have formed through the generations which has led to an estimated forty percent of the youth returning after their mandatory army service.

The kibbutz communities in Israel have become vitally instrumental in assisting Jews from other nations who have the desire to immigrate to Israel permanently. Many kibbutzes have partnered with relocation programs with assistance in housing, educating, and equipping immigrants to be able to assimilate into their new Israeli homeland.

If the concept strikes your fancy and you think you might want to spend some time on a Israeli Kibbutz you are in luck! Many kibbutzes operate resorts at the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River area. Other working farms welcome visitors and part-time participants for short or extended stays.

A few grainy old and a few newish stock photos of kibbutz life

So, how is everyone doing in their understanding and pursuit of God the provider? We certainly have had an up-close-and-personal, long-drawn-out-there-is-probably-more-to-come opportunity to really get to know Him better!

I guess there are two ways to look at the current pandemic/ quarantine/ creepy world situation, or a million. But this morning, I determined to give thanks- for in all things we are instructed to do so. I figured this was probably more soul comforting than the emails and voicemails I have been leaving my governor and representatives.

We have a real opportunity here to let Yahweh Yireh show off. To unclench our hands and jaws so we can step into His promise and relax in His good intentions toward us. Like I wrote in my first Yireh post, God sees what we need even before we know we have a need. This goes for us personally, as well as for our families, friends and all the nations of the world. Better days are ahead! One day we will be able to kiss and hug and dance and visit and share licks off the same ice cream cone. I'm sure of it!


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