What Pam Reads

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    Lana Vawser is a prophet in season. Her timely words and wisdom always resonate with me.  


  • 2

    By Edie Wadsworth: Physician.  Life coach. Motivator. 


  • 3

    When you need a pretty fix and some homemaking incentive.


  • 4

    When the urge to dig into the soil hits hard.  


  • 5

    Missionaries with an impact + daily inspirations.


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  • 7

    By Edie Wadsworth


    Edie Wadsworth’s honest memoir will make you cry, laugh, smile and pull out a notepad.


  • 8

    By Amber Haines


    Amber Haines memoir of her journey to heal is raw and exquisitely written.


  • 9

    By Gerald Durrell  

    Set in the Island of Corfu, this humorous memoir of famed British naturalist inspires child-like wonder again.


  • 10

    By Mary Demuth


    Mary Demuth’s heartwretching book tells of childhood sexual abuse. Based on the author's own experience, it testifies of the power of forgiveness.


  • 11

    By Shawn Boltz


    Shawn Boltz teaches on the voice of God in a fresh and dynamic way.


  • 12

    By Emily Wierenga

    Emily Wierenga’s voice resonates to a restless soul.


  • 13

    By Derek and Lydia Prince


    Derek and Lydia Prince. A courageous faith-full wild ride through Jerusalem before Israel was established as a Nation.


  • 14

    By Jan Karon


    Jan Karon in a prolific writer of all things sweet, kind and wonderful. She allows the reader to escape into a wonderful world of quirky characters and inspirational.


  • 15

    By Bill Johnson


    Bill Johnson is one of the premier prophetic teachers of our day.


  • 16

    By Elisabeth Elliott


    A true story about missionaries killed by the Auca Indians. Elizabeth Elliott takes us through the gift of surrender as she lays to rest her husband and dreams. 


  • 17

    By Elisabeth Elliott    

    An intimate portrayal of Amy Carmichael, an Irish missionary and writer who spent 53 years ministering to the poorest of the poor in South India. She became known as the mother to many and went on to establish Dohnavur Fellowship. Incredibly inspirational.


  • 18

    By C.S. Lewis


    One of my favorite books by the famed C.S. Lewis because he reveals his humanity so well. He finds himself falling in love in his later years, only to lose his wife, Joy, shortly after. She left him a beautiful boy whom he went on to love as his own. Tenderly written grief and surrender.


  • 19

    By Tara Westover  

    If this story is 100 percent truth, it’s quite a story! It speaks of tremendous resilience through some crazy crazy crazy circumstances.


  • 20

    By Delia Owens  


    This book will make you want to kick off your shoes, grab a butterfly net and run through fields of flowers. It also will make you bite your nails and wonder who-done-it!


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